Materials Research Society (MRS) is a leading organization of materials researchers from academia, industry, and government with over 16,000 members from all over the world. MRS has established its first international student chapter at KAUST under the umbrella of the MSE program.



Focusing on promoting the role and impact of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) in Saudi Arabia, the region, and the world.



Acting as a liaison between students at KAUST & MRS, enhancing synergy between MSE and other departments at KAUST, and providing a forum for dialogue between students, faculty, and industry pursuing materials research.



-Organizing poster sessions in international workshops at KAUST

-Organizing seminars by live streaming from MRS in USA to KAUST and vice versa

-Spreading the awareness about MSE graduate program to undergraduate students of Saudi Universities

-Assisting new MSE students at KAUST during the Orientation Week

-Field trips to industrial companies related to MSE such as SABIC

-Social Gatherings for MRS Chapter Members​